Malan Joubert


Malan is a software developer at heart with an interest in robotics and a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Stellenbosch University. He co-founded OfferZen together with his brother, Philip, to help developers in South Africa find awesome jobs. He is also the CEO of FireID, a startup studio that has incubated a number of leading South African startups including Pondering Panda, Journey Apps, SnapScan and Luno.

Having spent over a year in Silicon Valley, Malan has first hand experience of the energy, quality and grit typical of startups in the Bay area, and he is determined to build South Africa’s tech ecosystem. When he isn’t starting a startup, you’ll most likely find him running, reading, building robots, or rock-climbing.


Devina Maharaj

Head of Digital, South Africa, Investec Private Banking

Devina has over 14 years of experience in financial services, including as a Private Banker, head of Lending and head of Digital Channels for Private Banking.

She is currently the head of Digital for Investec Bank SA and believes her experience working her way through various roles in the bank has given her not only a firm understanding of banking, but also great insight into how the world of technology is rapidly changing our future.

Devina has an MBA from Wits and is an alumnus of Singularity University.


Stephen van der Heijden


Stephen is a keen and experienced startupper having founded both Stellenbosch Digital, an 8 year strong community platform that has hosted people from Silicon Valley, as well as UNO Digital. He then went on to become the Head of Product at OLX, where he led tech teams and gained experience in the African market.

Despite his BAccLLB background, Stephen is no stranger to the tech industry and has a strength for understanding the technical aspects of projects. Now, as VP of Growth at OfferZen, Stephen uses his own experience pitching and raising funds in Silicon Valley and Europe to take teams from zero to one and grow the tech community in South Africa. When he isn’t being inspired by the highly intelligent and skilled people around him, Stephen spends time clearing his mind while trying to catch fish.


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