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General Information 😎

Who runs MERGE?
MERGE is a tech conference run by OfferZen.

What is OfferZen?
OfferZen is an online tech marketplace that connects South Africa's top tech talent with over 1000 companies who are working to grow their teams.πŸ’» Our mission is to help people unlock their potential by helping them build awesome software. We flip the normal recruitment process on its head: Companies reach out to candidates who are actively looking for new opportunities. You can check out our website here: www.offerzen.com .

What is the goal of Merge?
MERGE is one day conference to celebrate the role that South Africa plays in the global tech ecosystem. We aim to inspire, support and mobilise the tech community to create positive change.

How did this start?
Since 2016, OfferZen has sponsored, and been actively involved in, many tech conferences and meetups with the aim of supporting and growing the tech community. After running a series of our own events, our team attended WebSummit in 2018, one of the biggest international tech conferences, in order to understand how conferences are run at an international scale. We now want to bring this same mind blowing experience to the South African tech community. πŸš€

How much profit does OfferZen make?
Nothing. Nada. None.πŸ’°πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ
Any profit generated by MERGE will either be given back to the tech community, through sponsoring small tech meetups, or used to make upcoming events or conferences even better!


Tickets 🎟️

What does my MERGE ticket get me?
A general access attendee ticket gives you access to the full day conference and all of the presentations and panels. Not only do you have access to awesome insights, talks, thought leaders and peers from the South African tech community, but you’ll also receive epic goodie bags filled with OfferZen swag! (That's the only spoiler we are sharing... for now πŸ˜‰)

SWAG! Will there be swag?
It wouldn’t be an OfferZen conference without our swag! And what you’re getting? Now, that’s a surprise 😎

How can I purchase tickets?
Can I buy tickets without a credit card? Is it possible to generate an invoice for companies?
There are two purchase options available to you:

  • Buy online
Buy online Our online ticketing solution supports both credit cards and EFT options. If purchasing by EFT online, the ticketing platform reserves your tickets for 24 hours to allow time for the EFT to reflect. Once the purchase is confirmed, you can log in to the ticketing website to generate an invoice for your company.

  • Manual purchase
We have a manual process too, where you can email us all the relevant company details (VAT number, name, PO Box number etc.) and the number of tickets you would like. We will then manually generate an invoice for you. Once payment has been made, we will issue you the tickets.

Can I have a free ticket?
Unfortunately not. But, we do have some exciting competitions where you could stand a chance to win tickets to the conference. We also have some discounted ticket deals. Check them out here.


Get Involved πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘

I would like to speak at the event, how can I get involved? 🎀
Yay! Please send us an email at events@offerzen.com with your name and topic idea. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

I would like to sponsor the event, how can I get involved?πŸ’°
Glad to hear you want to sponsor our conference! For more information or to view the packages, you can send an email to our events coordinator, Alex, at alex@offerzen.com.