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Usability vs performance and Serverless

Cape Town MS Developer User Group (@CPTMSDUG)
Wednesday, 27 March 201918:30
Microsoft Campus Cape Town 2nd Floor, Engen House, Raapenburg Road, Mowbray, Cape Town

Session 1

Usability vs performance

Users appreciate pages being usable and interactive soon after they’re visually ready. User Interface interactions impact the performance of a web page, and the latency of such can lead to “Rage Clicking”, and the loss of interest. Time to Interactive (TTI) can have a high correlation with overall conversion rate. Where is the balance, and what can we do to increase the usability without impacting web performance? Louise will explore the metrics and measuring tools around web performance and how optimizing user-centric metrics can improve your overall User Experience.

Speaker: Lou van der Bijl

Session 2


Serverless is still a daunting topic that encompasses a number of moving parts. It surfaces a different way of thinking about how to develop applications and how to incorporate these concepts into our day to day tasks. In this session we will briefly discuss what is available to us. We will then take an introductory run through of how to develop and apply best practices in serverless development and how to effectively make it a part of our development life cycle.

Speaker: Niel Zeeman

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