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PowerShell with SQL Server

SQLCape Meetup
Tuesday, 14 August 201818:30
Microsoft Cape Town Offices 2nd Floor, Engen House, Raapenburg Road, Mowbray, Cape Town

This month Nigel De Wet shall be talking about SQL Profiler with SQL Server. Arming yourself with tools to better administer your database, that's what this session is all about. 

You can do so much more when you have a toolbox with PowerShell and DBA tools IO, a library of applets aimed at automating and making the process involved in administering your databases, SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS and SSAS. 

Applets which can help you with migration, backups, high availability and many more. PowerShell is more than just another terminal, it's a development environment on its own, that you can use as your very own workshop. 

So take your service to the next level by writing your own automations, recovery plans, monitoring and service configurations. The posibilities are limitless.

Join us and come get shiny new free PowerTools for your toolbox. 

Nigel De Wet a Platform Consultant at Northern Data, with 18 years in the information technology sector has also had the drive to learn, create an automated and this is where he finds his passion for his work.

When not working he enjoys gaming, movies, series, sport and time with friends and family, since he also loves tools and tinkering when he needs time away from his computer he builds little tech projects or anything DIY. With his affinity for automation and believing that one should work smarter his always looking learn new programming languages, researching new tools and methods for making everyday tasks more efficient, uncluttered and elegant. "Send the 3 hours turning a 10-minute task into a 2-minute task, and you'll have more time to learn what you need to optimize your next task".

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