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Cape Town: Machine Learning (Neural Networks) & Programming for Game Development

Developer User Group PTA
Monday, 27 August 201818:00
Entelect Cape Town, Floor 3 Aurecon West, 1 Century City Drive Waterford Precinct, Cape Town

Details Agenda · Welcome (5min) · Session 1 - 30 min · Session 2 - 40 min


Session 1 Title: Programming for game development Facilitator: Danny Day

About the talk: I meet a lot of programmers that started out because they wanted to make games. Very few of them end up making games. I did. I’d like to talk about the assumptions that get in the way and what the local industry looks like for hobbyists and professionals alike.

About the facilitator: Danny has been professionally developing games for 14 years, run a local studio for 11, and accidentally started and ran a local game development community that evolved into our national industry body. Chances are reasonably high that he’s met your game development heros.


Session 2 Title: An introduction to Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks and the mathematics behind them. Facilitator: Tristan van Dam

About the talk: A brief introduction to Machine Learning. I will be going over the basic mathematics involved in an already trained feed forward network.

About the facilitator: Tristan studied Mechatronics Engineering at UCT and is currently working as a Software Engineer. He’s an avid surfer and is always doing something active in his free time.

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