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Codebridge Community Evening

Thursday, 19 April 201818:30
CodeBridge Thicket Street, Claremont, ZA. (-33.976559,18.466614), Cape Town

We meet again! Join us for a Codebridge Community evening.

What is a Codebridge community evening, you ask? Let us explain…

• Join our civic tech project! Or keep working on your own!

• It is a dedicated time, every second Thursday

• We open our space, CodeBridge, up to the community

• We invite others to join us on working on those interesting projects they just never seem to get around to, or make time for

• We encourage

• techies

• journos

• activists

• engaged citizens with a hankering to do more, be more involved

Bring along your passion project or join a project already on the go.

These are not structured meetups, with a set agenda, speakers and all that jazz. Instead these are carving out a time and space for magic to happen, which we believe it can and will with the right setting and a diverse group of people gathering together with a shared vision of creating cool stuff that makes a difference in someone's life.

Bring along your laptop, your project idea (regardless of where you are in the project) or your willingness to join an existing project. We will supply some drinks and food and all the internet you can eat.

To get involved sooner, join #tech-for-good on ZATech or request an invitation ( and check out other community projects (

If something catches your eye, why not join the project already?
Looking forward to making magic happen.

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