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Data Viz Meetup
Thursday, 30 August 201818:30
Codebridge Thicket Street, Cape Town

From typing in specific commands to clicking icons and tapping touchscreens, how we tell computers what to do has come a long way since the command line interfaces of the 1960’s.

With AI being the next big thing on our technological horizon and chatbots having survived the hypecycle, UI’s are making yet another leap.

A leap that will finally allow computers to interact with us on our terms and in the most natural way possible - conversation.

About Danielle Eriksen

During the work week Danielle is the lone Front-ender and budding conversational UI expert for Atura, an automated chatbot based assistance platform.

In her spare time, she enjoys making things with lego, brewing beer and being a cat lap. She also tries help and encourage peeps to talk and share their experiences/knowledge in the Front-end scene as co-organiser for Cape Town Front-end Developers (

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